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My name is Sue Moore and I am the designer and creator of all that you see on this site. I made my first pair of mukluks by hand for my son in 1983 and have not stopped since! I always keep trying new designs and most items are one of a kind. My husband, Dan, is now helping out full time in the shop and we travel the state of Alaska year round selling our wares at local art and craft shows.

We only sell what we make and have a good inventory on hand to sell. I also do custom orders and will work with your fur as well. We love what we do and hope that you enjoy it also.

We guarantee all our work and are "Made in Alaska" certified.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or custom order requests.

Welcome to Howling Wolf Furs!

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2017 Shows & Markets

Spring has sprung and summer is upon us here in Alaska. Our days are 18 hours long and so much to get done in a short season. Gardens to tend, salmon to catch and process, camping and summer festivals and markets to attend. Plus all the sewing it takes to keep the shelves full!

Our first show of the season will be Chickenstock, June 9-10 in Chicken Alaska, of course! It is a faraway place next to the Canadian border in the interior of the state. Then it is Kenai Market on Saturdays and Wednesday Market in Soldotna. Our next away show is the Girdwood forest Fair July 7-9th. Then back home to get ready for the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, Alaska. Click on the calendar of events for more information on our shows.

We have been busy doing a few wholesale / consignment orders and custom work. I have been working on purses and custom remodeling. Just turned a beautiful mink coat into a vest. It just fits me!!! It is for sale, but I will be showing it off till then. So if you have your grammas mink coat hanging in the closet you may want to remodel it and wear it!!! So much can be made from a good coat. 

Another project is making beaver blankets. We have put together all of the pieces of beaver left over from larger projects. Very little goes to waste here!!!

We have enough to make a king sized blanket if anyone is interested. Otherwise I will make smaller blankets. They do tend to be heavy and everyone likes a good blanket for the couch!!I will have pillows to match.

Another fun project has been a style show that I do with some other amazing artists. It is a fund raiser for the Seldovia Arts Camp and this will be our 2nd year. We are getting better at organizing and we have some amazing outfits to model. Our group is open to doing more of these fundraisers. So if your organization is looking for something different for a fundraiser give me a call and we will see what we can do.
 Enjoy your summer fun. Be safe on the roads and hope to see you at one of our markets/festivals! 

Sue and Dan

We now offer international shipping, Canada included, at a cost of
$50.00 a box in addition to our regular shipping and handling costs.
About Howling Wolf FursFor Your Feet | For Your Head and Ears | Mittens and MoreContact Me | Buy Online
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