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My name is Sue Moore and I am the designer and creator of all that you see on this site. I made my first pair of mukluks by hand for my son in 1983 and have not stopped since! I always keep trying new designs and most items are one of a kind. My husband, Dan, is now helping out full time in the shop and we travel the state of Alaska year round selling our wares at local art and craft shows.

We only sell what we make and have a good inventory on hand to sell. I also do custom orders and will work with your fur as well. We love what we do and hope that you enjoy it also.

We guarantee all our work and are "Made in Alaska" certified.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or custom order requests.

Welcome to Howling Wolf Furs!

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Hello from Howling Wolf Furs!

We are starting this newsletter to keep everyone informed of what’s going on with Howling Wolf Furs: upcoming shows, new products and sale specials. Hope you enjoy this new feature.

Here we are in the middle of July and busy as ever with Kenai Saturday Market. Our next show that will take us on the road will be in

Valdez the first weekend of August, Gold Rush days. We hope to meet with new local folks and tourists alike. Howling Wolf Furs has never made a trip to Valdez so this should be fun. After Valdez, we will do 2 more Saturday Markets in Kenai and then off to the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, Aug. 25th - Sept. 5th.

Our new product this year is bow ties, neck ties, hair ties and garter belts all made from Alaskan wild mink, trimmed out with ermine

and otter. All one of a kind. Great for weddings or for the man who has everything!!!! We also have beautiful River Otter and Beaver vests of the finest quality. Check out our buy online page for special sales.

We also make custom pieces with your fur or ours. Call us or email and we will talk!!!

Have a Safe & Happy Summer

Sue Moore & Dan Wagner

We now offer international shipping, Canada included, at a cost of
$50.00 a box in addition to our regular shipping and handling costs.
About Howling Wolf FursFor Your Feet | For Your Head and Ears | Mittens and MoreContact Me | Buy Online
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